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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flying squirrels

This is just plain mean

Halo+Montey python

This is a sketch from monty python done with halo. Its all about how to hide yourself. Take a look.

Im back!

Ok guys, im back and im gonna do some serious updating to my blog today. I have nothing to do for this three day weekend coming up. So im gonna start posting on this blog. I've decided that my taste in online viral videos is so awesome, everyone needs to see my favorites. So i will be posting those. Plus i finally have a scanner so maybe we will see some of my stupid comics too. Stay Tuned!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Dead rising

The much anticipated Dead Rising demo has finally hit xbox live. So everyone go check it out. It ways in at 1014.61 mb. Im downloading now....are you?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How to steal a bike

Stealing stuff is easy. Really easy, all you have to do is convince people that your not doing anything wrong. How do you do that you say? Well just act like your supposed to be doing what ever illegal act your performing. For example. I was painting a house for my parents. I drove half an hour to get to this house and I forgot the damn keys. Go back and get them you say, hell no. Went around back to an unlocked window, waved to the neighbors having a bbq in there back yard. "Hello don't mind me, im just breaking into this house." They laughed and waved....jackasses. Got inside the house and went to the painting. This video shows just how easy it is to steal a bike in NYC. It takes him 8 freaking minutes in one scene and no one says a thing.
Take a look

The office trebachey

I found this online today, Its instructions on how to build a mini trebachey, in only 16 easy to follow steps. It basically consists of some paper clips, couple of batterys for weight, and some thumb tack for ammo.
Check it out

Monday, July 17, 2006

How to fix a sad ipod

This article is great if you are experincing a sad ipod. When your ipod comes up with its sad face on the screen, you are pretty much F'd if your out of warranty. You could send it away and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. Or you could use this ipod repair kit i found for only 20 dollars! Basically what you do is take your ipod and slam it on the kit. And poof its magically fixed...what happens is the connector for the hardrive comes loose, and when you bang it like that it jiggles it back in place. Easy as pie ;)

Calvin and hobbes is awesome!

Growing up, i loved calvin and hobbes. It is in my opinion one of the greatest comic strips of all time. I have all the books and i love them to death. This site is really great because if you have never read calvin and hobbes it picks out some of the best of em for you to enjoy, plus they have nice little commentary on the meanings behind the comics. Definately worth a look for old times sake.

The Wii

The nintendo wii looks promising to say the least. In all honesty I was extremely excited about the wii at last years E3. But after this year's E3 im a little more skeptical. The whole thing about the Wii is the remote. It is a motion sensitive remote. The main remote can detect where its pointing, if its moving up or down, if its tilting. Just a wide range of motion. It also allows for attachments. Such as the attachment of a joystick. Alot of people were assuming this setup would allow for great FPS, But i really don't think this is the case. Yes its great for aiming. But what do you do when you want to turn around. You can drag then pick up like you do with a mouse. It aims where you point. So how is your character supossed to turn around. On red stell you aim at the edge of the screen and hold it there while your character turns. Honestly this made the game look slow and alot like timesplitters style aiming. Which i personally think is a piece of shit. The whole thing with the wii is seeming more and more gimicky. But its really in the hands of the developers and what new and great ideas they can come up with.

Some new information has leaked on the net about the wii mote

Controller will use AA batteries.
Battery life to last 30-60 hours.
Will use Bluetooth on a 2.4GHz bandwith to communicate with the console.
Features 6KB of "non-volatile" memory, possibly for speaker?
Uses a SYNCHRO button to identify Wii controllers that can be used with the console.
LEDs show which player is communicating with the console and illustrate battery life.
A built-in rumble motor can be turned on or off.

The only thing that conserns me with this list is the AA batteries
I hope they offer a rechargeable battery pack like microsoft did with the 360

This Is the begining

Alright People, As per request from a good friend of mine, Ill shall try to continue my attempts at world domination through crapp tacular web comicing. I can't draw for crap but the stuff thats in my head is, well also crap. But im going to start this blog. Lets see if i can do this for more than a week, I work everyday for 5 hours and do nothing but stare at the computer. So hey what the hell ill try to do something that will occupy my time a little better than doing nothing. So here's the plan... i will try to make comics now and then with the tools i have here at the office. I will try to get my comics that i've done in the past up here. Plus ill try to embed some of my videos from times past that ive made with my freinds here as well including such classics as, "O shit tsunami", "Estuaries", "O shit he just hit that seagull", "SeeSaw". Also to occupy my time i will try to post about interseting crap i see on the net. So if i can get some people to actually read my site thad be great. So everyone. Put the word out. Everyone's favorite person is really trying this time....i hope