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Monday, July 17, 2006

This Is the begining

Alright People, As per request from a good friend of mine, Ill shall try to continue my attempts at world domination through crapp tacular web comicing. I can't draw for crap but the stuff thats in my head is, well also crap. But im going to start this blog. Lets see if i can do this for more than a week, I work everyday for 5 hours and do nothing but stare at the computer. So hey what the hell ill try to do something that will occupy my time a little better than doing nothing. So here's the plan... i will try to make comics now and then with the tools i have here at the office. I will try to get my comics that i've done in the past up here. Plus ill try to embed some of my videos from times past that ive made with my freinds here as well including such classics as, "O shit tsunami", "Estuaries", "O shit he just hit that seagull", "SeeSaw". Also to occupy my time i will try to post about interseting crap i see on the net. So if i can get some people to actually read my site thad be great. So everyone. Put the word out. Everyone's favorite person is really trying this time....i hope


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