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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Wii

The nintendo wii looks promising to say the least. In all honesty I was extremely excited about the wii at last years E3. But after this year's E3 im a little more skeptical. The whole thing about the Wii is the remote. It is a motion sensitive remote. The main remote can detect where its pointing, if its moving up or down, if its tilting. Just a wide range of motion. It also allows for attachments. Such as the attachment of a joystick. Alot of people were assuming this setup would allow for great FPS, But i really don't think this is the case. Yes its great for aiming. But what do you do when you want to turn around. You can drag then pick up like you do with a mouse. It aims where you point. So how is your character supossed to turn around. On red stell you aim at the edge of the screen and hold it there while your character turns. Honestly this made the game look slow and alot like timesplitters style aiming. Which i personally think is a piece of shit. The whole thing with the wii is seeming more and more gimicky. But its really in the hands of the developers and what new and great ideas they can come up with.

Some new information has leaked on the net about the wii mote

Controller will use AA batteries.
Battery life to last 30-60 hours.
Will use Bluetooth on a 2.4GHz bandwith to communicate with the console.
Features 6KB of "non-volatile" memory, possibly for speaker?
Uses a SYNCHRO button to identify Wii controllers that can be used with the console.
LEDs show which player is communicating with the console and illustrate battery life.
A built-in rumble motor can be turned on or off.

The only thing that conserns me with this list is the AA batteries
I hope they offer a rechargeable battery pack like microsoft did with the 360


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